What We’re About
Creating brighter futures is at the centre of everything we try to do at the school

We have a range of facilities and support available to our pupils. These are continually being upgraded as part of the school’s continued commitment to improvement.


Hydrotherapy Pool

Stanton Vale has a large hydrotherapy pool based on site that all the majority pupils are able to access at least once a week. Pupils with more complex needs will use the pool to develop their mobility skills. Other pupils visit the local leisure centre for their swim to develop water confidence and develop their swimming strokes. The school pool includes a Jacuzzi as well as sensory lighting.

Our pool is a great resource to have on site and parents are able to come for a family swim with their child one night per week on a Tuesday

Safe Mobility Room

Following some very kind donations and fundraising we were able to open our new safe mobility room. Many of our pupils spend long periods in specialist equipment,  and like everyone, need time to relax and do this safely. Also, as we work on mobility skills many of our pupils are at the early stages of walking, sitting and rolling. By converting one of our rooms into a bright, attractive, soft furnished room we are able to support them in these areas safe in the knowledge that they are doing so in a specialist environment.

Sensory Rooms

Working closely with our colleagues from the Specialist Teaching Services a number of our pupils have programmes to develop their visual and auditory skills. We decided against one big multi-sensory room that could only be used by one pupil at a time and instead built lots of small ones that class teachers can use to increase the number of opportunities your child gets to do this work.



Sensory Specialist

When appropriate pupils receive support from Specialist Teachers working for the Support Service for Deaf and Hearing Impairment (Karen Smith) and the Support Service for Visual Impairment (Angie Watts).

Specialist Music Provision

The school employs two professionals who visit the site on a weekly basis to teach music and provide musical opportunities. Matthew also organises the school choir alongside Jonathan, one of our teachers.

Specialist Dance Provision
At the moment the school is lucky enough to receive support from Debbie and Lillie, who are dance and performing arts professionals. Debbie and Lillie work with several pupils across the school and their sessions are proving to have a positive impact on outcomes.

Community Sporting Opportunities
Our pupils are fortunate to access a range or sports which are delivered by professionals from the local community. Last year football, rugby and netball coaches came into school and taught pupils new skills.

Onsite nurse

Our Registered General Nurse has been at Stanton Vale for several years and understands the very particular medical needs of the pupils attending the school. Care plans are put in place and any specific medical requirements addressed in consultation with parents and other professionals.

Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

Stanton Vale has a very close working relationship with the Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists. Working in partnership with health colleagues means any specialist equipment and programmes that they recommend can be integrated in to the pupil’s school day. The school has a full time Physiotherapist’s Assistant onsite, Sarah Slaney. The school Physiotherapists are Claire McQuilton and Emma Hiron. The school’s Occupational Therapist are Ann Telford and Amy Hollingsworth.

Speech and Language Therapy
The school Speech and Language Therapist is Sarah Throup. Sarah spends one day each week I school, working in classes alongside staff suggesting strategies and devising programmes.