What We’re About
Creating brighter futures is at the centre of everything we try to do at the school

As a school we are passionate about ensuring all children and young people receive their entitlement to a broad, balanced and, most importantly, relevant curriculum. At Stanton Vale this means working closely with parents and support services to provide a curriculum that is driven by the SEN Code of Practice and our pupils’ Education, Care and Health Plans.  Through our multi-disciplinary approach, we can create individual programmes for each child that supports their physical, social, emotional and communication development and create brighter futures.

A friend of Stanton Vale said:

“Stanton Vale School is a place of magic and sparkle, where every second of the day is dedicated to unlocking the very best potential of every single superhero. Where a member of staff isn’t afraid to give a parent a much needed hug after a particularly trying time. A school that is one of the most inclusive, open-hearted, unpretentious and reassuring places any child could ever imagine.”