Our partnership with parents
Making sure parents are always involved

keeping your child safe from infection in school

All schools, like any organisation where people are in close contact, have their fair share of bugs and germs flying around. In a sense, special schools can be more complex as the building is kept warmer than normal as our pupils do not move around so much. When pupils are ill we hope to work in partnership with parents as we all know feeling grotty from a cold or flu will not place the students in the best frame of mind to learn. Also, some of our pupils have weaker immune systems  and what might be a mild upset tummy to us could result in a trip to hospital for a child.

With this in mind we enclose the latest guidance from the Health Protection Agency for us all to follow.

Please ensure you are familiar with our latest ‘Medical Conditions and Eligibility to Swim‘ guidance (May 2017). This ensures that everyone is safe to enjoy the benefits of the pool.