Our partnership with parents
Making sure parents are always involved

Administration of Medication

In order for us to keep your child safe at school, it is vital that we have the most up to date information from the teams that support them. This includes medical professionals, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists. Whilst we completely appreciate how frustrating it can be for you, we cannot change the medication that we are able to administer your child without an email, letter on headed paper or signed new plan from your child’s GP or Paediatrician. This includes administering new medication, making changes to dosage or altering the time at which medication is given. The information that is provided in an email, letter or plan must be the same information that appears on your child’s medicine bottle or packet.

New Intervention

If your child requires a new intervention which means that school staff have to be trained by medical professionals to carry it out, we will work with our health colleagues to make sure that this training happens as quickly as possible so that the delay in your child returning to school is kept to a minimum. If there is a short delay and you would like your child to return to school, we are always happy for you to accompany them and take responsibility for their medical needs. Similarly, we cannot make changes to a physiotherapy programme or decide that your child can use a piece of equipment unless we have been given permission from the appropriate professional.

In line with guidance produced by Derbyshire County Council we will no longer keep any medication for general distribution within school, for example paracetamol. If you would like to send in pain relief medication for emergency use, please make sure this is clearly labelled for your child. You will need to fill in a consent form for this if you have not already done so. The form will ask you to sign to say that you have discussed pain relief with your child’s GP/Paediatrician and that they are happy for such medicine to be administered in school. This is especially important if your child is prescribed other forms of medication. We take the care of your child very seriously and cannot deviate from any professional advice that we have been given

Return to School Meetings

If your child has undergone any surgery or their medical needs have significantly changed, we must hold a ‘return to school’ meeting with you and all appropriate agencies to ensure that we are fully aware of, and have been given permission to make any relevant changes to the procedures that we carry out at school. I hope you can appreciate that we must follow procedures and protocols and do so with the best interests of your child at the centre of everything that we do. While you are waiting for a meeting, you are more than welcome to come into school with your child and be responsible for their medical needs.