Our partnership with parents
Making sure parents are always involved

Working with Parents

With such a wide geographical area that our pupils come from and the fact that most children arrive via specialist transport means we must continually evaluate our communication with parents.

DIARY – Each pupil at school has a diary which is used to inform parents what has happened in school on that day but also a great way for you to let us know what you have been doing at home so we can talk about that in school.

OPEN DOOR POLICY – The school has  a genuine ‘open door policy’ to parents. We encourage you to come in and spend time in your child’s class, bring your painting apron or swimming kit and get stuck in. If you need a formal chat, as we have such high levels of staffing, we can normally accommodate this but by phoning ahead for an appointment it means we can arrange cover so the children are not left without a teacher.

PARENTS EVENING – We hold two parents evenings across the year where we encourage parents to come into school to talk about their child’s progress. We are also able to do these over the phone if travel or child care stops you coming in to school.

ANNUAL REVIEW – All pupils at school have an Annual Review of Special Educational Needs as a statutory requirement. The legal element of this is to ensure the Statement of SEN is accurate, but again, a missed opportunity if we are not talking about how your child has progressed over the year.

The most important thing we can all do is communicate together.