Our partnership with parents
Making sure parents are always involved

Stanton Vale Friends Association

A Staff/Parent Association in a special school has a very individual set of problems. By definition most of our pupils come from across the county so our parents and supporters may not live locally. This coupled with the complex care routines our pupils may mean few parents will have the ability to attend after school meetings. However, our staff/ parent association ‘Friends of Stanton Vale’ still has a valuable role in jointly raising the profile of the school with our wider community but also raising money.

Over the last few years donations have helped pay for projects both big and small. Money raised has paid for; our soft mobility room, a safe space that pupils can practice their walking and gross motor skills. We have purchased a defibrillator that can be used for students, staff and is registered for use in the local community.  We have also just resurfaced the Early Years Playground to ensure it is as safe as possible. As of September 2018 the school has a purpose built, accessible adventure playground that is suitable for all of our pupils to enjoy.

As you can imagine all these projects cost a substantial amount and we are continually grateful for the many donations and support we receive.

What’s next? – Stanton Vale Friends Association would like to continue to raise money to update our outdoor spaces so we can have specialised areas that all our pupils can enjoy. The next phase of the outdoor redevelopment is a sensory area.

So, if you fancy running a marathon, holding a cake sale or simply joining us for one of our events please get in touch.

If you would like any more information about our Friends Group the following people will be more than happy to talk to you:

Chair: Karen Dixon

Vice Chair: Paula Miller

Secretary: Alison Brown

Treasurer: Julie Gilson