Physiotherapy and Ocupational Therapy 

Stanton Vale has a very close working relationship with the Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists.

Working in partnership with health colleagues means any specialist equipment and programmes that they recommend can be integrated in to the pupil’s school day. The school has a full time Physiotherapist’s Assistant onsite, Sarah Slaney. The school Physiotherapist is Catherine Gopsill. The school’s Occupational Therapists – Beth Crocker and Sarah Calder (Paediatric technical instructor)

Sensory OT

Stanton Vale employ a part-time sensory OT (Sarah Terry) who works very closely with class teams to ensure pupils have bespoke sensory diets to support their learning and development.

Rebound Therapy 

Rebound Therapy uses a trampoline to allow pupils to experience movement, from gentke rhythmical bouncing to more high-energy workouts. Pupils experince movement which helps them gross motor skills, independence, interaction and communication as well as enabling them to have lots of fun

Speech & Language Therapy 

The school are in the process of employing a Speech and Language Therapist. They will spend a  day each week in school, working in classes alongside classroom teams suggesting strategies and devising programmes to support pupils.