Vision & Values

Curriculum Intent 

  • Equip each pupil with an affective form of communication, which best suits their individual needs.
  • To provide every pupil with a calm, safe learning environment in which they are able to express their own needs and wants
  • Every pupil is recognised as a unique individual and the curriculum is designed to meet their individual needs and make progress towards their personal Education, Health & Care Plan targets.
  • Support pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and provide access to rich cultural experiences
  • A curriculum which brings learning to life and is enhanced by high quality enriching experiences of the local community and wider world
  • Support pupils’ physical development, their own health and enable them to be active as possible through the use of M.O.V.E and helping children gain funcional mobility
  • Best prepare pupils for the future


  • Stanton Vale School is a vibrant, stimulating and specialist community in which pupils and staff value themselves and others.
  • We aim to challenge, motivate and empower individuals with the skills and knowledge for a life beyond school.
  • We want the students and staff of Stanton Vale to be both aspirational and inspirational.


Our core values of Working Together, Respect, Aspiration and Potential are the make-up of our ethos and culture and what we as adults endeavour to model and instil amongst our children and young people and go hand in hand with our curriculum approach.

Working Together – Team work and collaboration

Respect – Celebrate and embrace our differences

Aspirations – To be the best you can be

Potential – Reaching everyone’s individual goals