Aspire Pathway

The Aspire Curriculum is designed for those pupils with Severe Learning Disabilities and aims to promote life skills and independence skills, which best prepares our pupils for life beyond Stanton Vale School.  Older pupils (Post 16) will complete Entry Level qualifications in ASDAN (Realising aspirations) and AIM awards. Pupils will also complete a number of units through the AQA Awards Scheme, which focus on developing key skills for life in areas such as leisure, independent living (e.g. cooking, cleaning, personal care, looking after clothes) and life skills (e,g. travel training, managing money, horticulture). The Aspire curriculum provides opportunities for enterprise projects, work-related learning and opportunities for short term work experience placements, visiting local schools, as well as College visits and use of facilities in the local community.

In some classes, some subject specific learning might be appropriate extension of the semi-formal curriculum for some pupils. Their individual learning styles and interests are taken in to account with skills being taught contextually. With functional literacy and numeracy skills being practiced and applied to real life.